The work of SASB Education and the FSA Credential are supported by a wide range of professionals in the fields of investment analysis, sustainability, financial reporting, securities law, accounting, and assurance.

Version 2.0 Contributors

The below contributors lent their expertise to content review during the update of the FSA Level I Study Guide. Additional experts who have contributed to exam development will be added in the near future.

Stephanie Berger
Senior Specialist – Corporate Responsibility & Environment

Philipp Buff, FSA
Head of Credit Research
Pictet Asset Management

Valérie Cecchini
Managing Partner
Borealis Global Asset Manager

Shaska Chirinos
Relationship Manager, US
PRI (In a personal capacity)

Lisa Marie K.Y. Djeng, CMA, SASB FSA Credential Holder, CESGA
Managing Director/Portfolio Manager
Keywise Capital Management (Hong Kong)

Stephanie Dolmat
Head of ESG Reporting & Communications

Avery Kintner
Vice President
William J Worthen Foundation

Lance Garrison, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Principal
Atlanta Capital Management

Tori Hack
Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Jennifer Leitsch
Vice President, Corporate Responsibility

Chris Matteini, FSA
TIFF Investment Management

Andrea Palmer
Responsible Investment Lead, Listed Real Estate

Jennifer Sadenwater
Managing Director
ESG Lynk

Tara J. Stacy
Director of Investment Stewardship
Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association

Rekha Vaitla
Deputy Director – Corporate Governance and Sustainable Investment
Office of the Illinois State Treasurer

Version 1.0 Contributors

Andrew Collins

Henrik Cotran

Bryan Esterly

Anton Gorodniuk

Sonya Hetrick

Rommie Johnson

Jerome Lavigne-Delville

Nicolai Lundy

Nashat Moin

Doug Park

Himani Phadke

Arturo Rodriguez

Jean Rogers

Levi Stewart

Quinn Underriner

Gabriella Vozza

Shilpa Andalkar

Candace Taylor Anderson

Kelly Braaten

Dylan Brix, CFA

Madison Brown

Tricia Dunlap, JD

Emil Efthimides, CFA

Ira Feldman, JD

Nina Luzzatto Gardner

Lance Garrison, CFA

Michael Greis, CFA

Martin Guthrie

Chris Hagler

Paul Herman

John Horn

Ramsay Huntley

Keith Johnson, JD

Mandy Kirby

Will Krause, CFA

Erica Lasdon

Jennifer Leitsch

Rebecca Lemoge, CMA, CPA(i)

Bridgette Malone, CFA

Steven Mezzio, CPA

Brad J. Monterio

Robert R. Mudra, CFA

Angela Nahikian

Siobhan Sonia Pandya, ACCA

Tessie Petion

Leah Picker, CPA

Jon Prins

Tom Raymond, JD

Chris Rees

Alyssa Rieder

Peter Templeton

John Williams

Jennifer Woofter

Sean Wright, CPA

Ryan Young