How Can You Benefit from the FSA Credential?

  • Level I
    • Learn how SASB standards can impact financial analysis
    • Recognize how corporate reporting based on SASB standards can improve the usefulness of sustainability information for investment analysis
  • Level II
    • Learn how SASB topics are linked to impacts on revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities, and/or cost of capital
  • Level I
    • Begin to align your work with your company’s finance and operations functions - bring sustainability closer to the central business functions
    • Learn how sustainability information can be reported in a way that is most useful to your company's investors and other providers of capital
    • Identify the sustainability topics that impact your company's value
  • Level II
    • Learn how sustainability information linked to financial impacts can inform your company's strategic decisions
    • Benchmark your company's performance against industry peers to identify relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Level I
    • Enhance your ability to advise companies on the details of SASB standards and how they can inform data collection, strategic management, and corporate reporting processes
  • Level II
    • Lean how SASB topics are linked to financial impacts
    • Benchmark your client against their industry peers to identify strategic areas for outperformance
  • Level I
    • Recognize how SASB standards are designed to integrate into standard financial data collection and reporting processes
  • Level II
    • Learn how to interpret your company’s SASB performance data to gain a more enhanced understanding of future financial performance

How Does the FSA Credential Differ From Other Credentials?

The FSA Credential is unique. It brings the rigor of finance and accounting to sustainability while pointing the way to embedding material sustainability information into mainstream investing and corporate management practices.

Research shows that firms with good performance on SASB topics significantly outperform firms with poor performance on those topics. A knowledge of SASB’s approach can help corporate professionals, advisors, and investors protect long-term value. 

Click here to download a one-pager you can use with when talking with your employer about the benefits of the FSA Credential.

How Will the FSA Evolve Over Time?

During the next few years, SASB anticipates the FSA Credential will be refined based on feedback from employers, test takers, and others. It is also likely to evolve from an assessment-based certificate to a certification.