Once you have passed the Level I exam, you will receive a digital badge validating your accomplishment. After Level II, you’ll receive a new badge.

Using the Credential

As you navigate the FSA Credential process, you can promote the credential on social media (e.g. LinkedIn background) with this image.

Once you have passed the Level I exam, you may add “FSA Level II candidate” to your resume, bio, and online presence.

Once you have passed the Level I and Level II exams, you may add “FSA Credential holder” to your resume, bio, and online presence.

Your Digital Badge

Badges are digital tokens that appear as icons on a web page, social media platform or other online mediums. This allows you to easily share your credentials and for employers and colleagues to easily verify them.

SASB has partnered with Acclaim, a leading provider of resume-worthy digital badges, to translate your FSA accomplishments into a digital badge you can be proud to display.

The FSA digital badge helps you to share your achievement with colleagues, employers and friends through various online channels of your choice. By sharing your digital badge, those who click on it can verify the badge’s authenticity and learn more about your new skills at the same time.

You will receive an email allowing you to claim your badge by creating an account, which is as easy as providing your name, email, and country.

By logging in to your Acclaim account and clicking “Share” under your FSA badge, you can share your badge via:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • E-mail
  • And more

There are different benefits for each method. See special tips here.

If you are unsure if you have earned a badge, contact [email protected].

For technical assistance regarding your badge, visit Acclaim support or email their responsive team at [email protected].

You are in control of what is make public through the Acclaim platform. You can login to your account to change your settings.

If you have questions, you can email their responsive support team at [email protected].

No. You can use Acclaim to manage and share your FSA badges for free.


After passing the FSA Level I exam, test takers earn the FSA Credential Level II Candidate badge (above).

When test takers pass the FSA Level II exam, they will earn the FSA Credential and will receive a new badge to replace the Level II Candidate badge (below).