The FSA Level I exam consists of 115 questions with a two-hour time limit. 100 questions are scored for your pass/fail result and 15 questions are not scored.

For candidates taking the FSA Level I pilot exam, the exam will consist of over 100 questions, but not all exam questions will be scored. And candidates will receive their results in May 2021.

For both exams, all questions are multiple choice. Certain questions require only one correct answer whereas others require two or more correct answers. There is no partial credit and questions that are left blank will be counted as incorrect. You will be able to review all your answers before submitting.

During the exam, if you’re having difficulty reading the text, ask your proctor for assistance to zoom in or out.

Sustainability Credential, Sustainability Issues, Sustainability Practices
Exam Locations

On your assigned exam day, confirm the exact time and location of your exam by referring to the registration confirmation email you received upon payment.

Your preparation for exam day will vary, depending on your type of exam location. Regardless of your exam location, you must follow the exam conduct policies described below.

On-site Kryterion Testing Center

The Kryterion Testing Network includes locations around the world. Every testing center includes a computer and a proctor. You can view the list of available testing centers here.

Before leaving for your exam, please print the email you received with your exam confirmation details. You must show the proctor your Authorization Code included in the email. You will be required to provide the Exam Proctor two (2) forms of identification (one must be a government-issued photo ID). Secondary identification would be a credit card, bank debit card, employee identification card. NOTE: A Social Security card is “not” an acceptable form of identification.

Please arrive at the office where the exam will be delivered up to 10 minutes before your scheduled time. You may need to account for time to find parking and find the office where the exam will be delivered.

Plan to spend up to two hours and 30 minutes at the Kryterion Testing Center.

Remote, Online Proctored Location

After registering for an online proctored exam, but at least one day before the scheduled exam date, the candidate must login to their Webassessor account to verify their identify with facial recognition and keystroke analytics. The candidate will also be required to download the Sentinel proctoring software, which will be used to conduct the exam.

Candidates should review the Online Proctoring Tips and How-To Guide that is included in the exam confirmation email sent immediately after the candidate completes the purchase. If a candidate needs a copy of the online proctoring guide, s/he can email SASB at [email protected].

The proctor may ask the candidate to move the web camera around the location to ensure it is free of study materials. The proctor will also monitor the candidate during the exam. If there is cause to believe the candidate is not following exam policies, the exam will be paused or terminated. Note that mobile computing devices are not allowed during the exam. Wristwatches are also not allowed to be worn.

To initiate your exam, log into your Test Taker home page. At your assigned exam time, a “Launch” button will appear on your home page. Clicking Launch will initiate the Sentinel proctoring software. The button will be visible for up to 20 minutes, starting at your assigned start time.

Exam Conduct Policies

When you register for the exam, you agree to the exam conduct policies described in the Candidate Handbook. Failure to comply with the exam conduct policies may result in penalties.