How do I study?

SASB recommends spending at least 25 hours studying for the FSA Level I exam. You automatically receive the study guide after you register (in an email entitled “Your FSA Study Guide and Purchase Receipt”). SASB also offers other resources to help you study, including approved test prep providers.


When are exams offered?

The FSA Credential exam is offered during three testing blocks throughout the year. On any day of the year, you may register and choose an exam date in one of three exam periods: January-February, May-June, and September-October. There are multiple test times on whatever exam day you choose. For example, if on March 30th you’d like to register for an exam you can choose to take it on any available day in May or June. If it’s May 15th and you want to register for an exam, you can take the exam on any available day in the rest of May or in June. If you’re registering on June 1, you can choose from test days in June or choose to take the test on any available day in September or October.

The calendar below refers to the registration process after January 1, 2018

Where do I take the exam?

The FSA Level I exam is offered at two types of locations: at test centers around the world or online with a remote proctor. You can read more about the location of test centers and the computer requirements for online proctoring on the Exam Day page.

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